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Discussion created by muriel-jones on Feb 15, 2009
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I have just 2 packs left and my chest is tight. I know it is way past time to quit. Have lots of trouble with shortness of breath. I have tried to stop 3 times since the first of the year. I know that just by not smoking for a few hours my breathing is better. Why I am so stupid by not quiting. I pray to God for the strength to do it this time. You are my strength and power Lord Jesus. I stand before you and my fellow christians and ask for their prayers and your promise of love so that I can quit this time. My prayers are with each one of the group as they all need you Lord Jesus. They are wonderful people and looking within themselves they will find your love and power to overcome this terrible addiction. We can do this!! God has promised us he will be with us. We must depend on his promise. At each craving I will call upone Him. I know I am weak, but this can be overcome. Thank you Lord Jesus, please as I read your word please speak to me giving me the understanding of the situation that I am in at the present. I know that I need you Lord Jesus.
You are all so wonderful. I find such understanding when I read your posts. We all go through so much of the same thing and yet is can be so different. I pray for all of you. Please know that each one of you are so beautiful in each of your own ways. You will all succed. Have faith in knowing that. I know that you must have doubts as I also do, but with Gods presents beating this addiction is possible.