Anyone else smoke to escape?

Discussion created by kim51 on Sep 13, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Christine13
I realize today (12th day of my quit) how much I used smoking as an escape ... I didn't smoke in my house, only in the garage and I realize now that a lot of times I went out there just to get away - away from bickering children or, more often, a husband who I just KNOW is TRYING to get under my skin! Its not an actual crave - I don't feel like I want to smoke ... but I don't know where to go now, know what I mean? I found myself pacing the living room like a caged tiger today more than once! I tried going out for a walk but Im in Florida and it was dang hot out there today! lol Which made me wonder how I could sit out in the burning hot garage and smoke before?!! lol The bathroom is starting to look good as my new hideaway! lol