Write a goodbye letter to your cigarettes

Discussion created by rosa on Apr 27, 2008
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Here's something that helped me the day before my quit date that I got from another website:

We've all had friends who are in lousy relationships. They're always complaining but keep going back for more. It's crazy, maddening ... probably like your relationship with cigarettes.

You know they're bad for you. You know they cost a fortune. You know that people hate when you smoke ... but you had to have them.

Well, that's going to be in the past. The time has come to end it for good. The time has come to say good-bye to some of the biggest jerks in your life. Your cigarettes.

When you write your letter, here are some things to think about:

Your fond memories of smoking
What smoking has cost you — in money, other relationships and your health
Your personal reasons for quitting

Before you sharpen your pencil, would an example help? For a sample letter, go to the form that reads, "Write your good-bye letter to cigarettes".

I hope this helps someone like it helped me. I've attached the sample form. It is a pdf document that you can download using Adobe.

Day 48 smoke-free Good luck to all!!!!