My Inspirations for Staying Quit...

Discussion created by rosa on Apr 12, 2008
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Hi fellow March non-smokers, here's a list of "My Reasons for Quitting" that I made before I quit on March 11th - with some added comments now. How's this for inspiration?

I no longer enjoy smoking.

My doctor told me that smoking is terrible for me to do since I have diabetes now.

My co-workers thought I quit a year ago but I've been supplementing with nicotine gum. - No more gum now!

I'm spending too much money on cigarettes and nicotine gum - I calculate that as of today, I've saved $165

I can't catch my breath and I feel like I'm out of shape. I may have more energy to pursue physical activities I enjoy when I quit - I just did a Denise Austin 1/2 hour Lite & Fit episode this morning, this is great!

I'm tired of being controlled by cigarettes - no need to run out to the store at 2:00 in the morning any more!

I'll have better smelling clothes, hair, breath, and home.

I may have fewer wrinkles - I've got one wrinkle that started and the rest of them can just wait!

I may be free of the morning cough - Don't have it anymore! It's gone!

I'll treat myself to new clothes, books or music with the money I save from not buying cigarettes - Bought a new purse last weekend (haven't done that in 3 years!

What are some of your inspirations?