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dragon fly

I once was by a pond and there I spied oh such an ugly, scary creature. It looked not unlike the alien creature from the movie Alien in miniature version. Hideous it was. But I was about to learn a lesson from a friend.

Years ago I had come across this same alien creature in a jar of pond water I had scooped up to view under my microscope. But therein was something far too large to put on a glass sheath. And oh how horrifying. Beyond description. I let it die, of course, being a youth with no knowledge.

Back to the present day pond with my friend. And the creature was on the bank in all it's hideous glory. "That's a dragon fly about to be born," she said. "Wait."

And wait we did. Moment by moment, minute by minute. The hideous creature had poked a hole in it's alien shell back and emerged, a mere wraith. And indeed it was a dragon fly. Sitting on it's own crusted back oozing water from it's tail, drop by drop, it's wings stuck together upright over itself. It was so totally vulnerable in this transition stage.

And time passed slowly as the water oozed out of it's tail. And suddenly the wings, glinting in the sunlight, opened wide as if in grateful supplication. And we watched in utter awe with no sense of time ourselves, just the joy of watching a birth. And the wings started to vibrate in great excitement, throwing off the last remnants of water and soaking up the sun's warmth and dryness. There was no sound, yet we thought we heard the whir of the wings, like a miniature helicopter about to take off.

And suddenly the creature lifted itself off the ground and wafted away. Just like that. One moment it was a water breathing creature that had come up onto the banks of a pond, and the next it was an air breathing creature flying in the air.

My point here is this: We can all transform ourselves from the ugly smoking version to the magnificent flying sunlit version of ourselves. We're the same creature., We've just evolved. Do not fear the one that is about to be, but recognize that it has the gift of flight.

You have the gift of flight. Let yourself soar.