New to Ex! Here's my story~

Discussion created by jenn11 on Sep 6, 2008
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I just joined Ex tonight! I wish I would have found it about a month ago, so I could have had a plan to follow!

I am a 36 year old mother of one beautiful 10 year old son! He is an amazing child, and has wanted me to quit smoking since he could speak! I also have a wonderful fiance' who is a non-smoker... but I am very lucky to have their love and support through this! But with them never having an "addiction" they are only understanding to a certain I am really glad that I found this group for the extra support~

I just got over being sick, and got up Aug 30 2008 and decided that I was not going to smoke another cigarette. I never thought about using any type of medication or gum to assist me (that would have made too much sense) well, I was doing good, I would have a craving here or there, and talk myself through it and seem to be ok.... but for the last two days I have had some MAJOR anxiety attacks, today I was hyper-ventilating during an anxiety attack, I have been crying, and mood swings like crazy. I just cannot deal with it! Then I tell myself, well if I have a cigarette.... I will feel better physically, but emotionally it would kill me... because I want this so bad! So obviously I need some type of assistant, pills, gum, whatever... any comments, suggestions, advice anyone could give is GREATLY appreciated! As of right now I have not had a cigarette for 8 days, but have ripped everyone's head off today :(

Thanks for listening~
I look forward to meeting you!