Tomorrows my quit date, can I do it!

Discussion created by teresa15 on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2009 by betty10
Wow,tomorrow is here and I am beginning to have doubts. I am totally armed with what I need to go into the battle against smoking. I have the hard candy, the gum, the books to read, the crafts to keep my hands busy. I have taken the chantix for a week, and the smokes are really tasting gross. What is my problem, why do I feel like "maybe when the dose increases on the chantix tomorrow, it will be easier in the next few days". Am I ready to give it up? Do I get up in the morning and go to Universal Studios and keep busy with my family in the morning or do I stay home and fight this battle? How do I get over the feeling of doubt that I can do it?