Old Blogs

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by elvan

It would be of benefit, I think, if somehow the date of old blogs could be highlighted or brought to some awareness  in some way.  Perhaps just by making the date of the blog bold and larger?  Or in a different color?  Different font face?  Something that would draw attention to it and set it apart.  Don't know if that's a program change that could take place across the board - probably not.


I see members commenting on 6, 9, 10 year old blogs by a person who is no longer on the site, may have de-activated their accounts and although there is very much value in old blogs, people sometimes are offering support to someone who cried out for help that have long since departed the site.   And it's confusing.  I try to point it out when I see it, but... 


I guess that's probably all we can do.  But I even seen long-term active members commenting on old blogs that they think are current.  


Just passing thoughts here....