How I spend time not smoking

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A year ago, I semi-retired and found myself with more time on my hands than I ever thought possible. So, I started painting rocks. As part of the Kindness Rocks Project, which I had heard about before this, I paint rocks and set them free in the community and wherever I travel. Some of you might know I sew a lot, but that just wasn't enough to fill my time. NOW, I have even more free time. A girl can take but so many naps, you know. So, I'm painting more rocks. Here's what I painted today:


Broken rocks are fun to make M&Ms with


Not every single thing I've ever painted is here, but feel free to take a gander at how I've been spending some of my free time. 464 Best Kindness Rock Painting from a non-artist images in 2019 



Day 56