53 days and a busy day

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 7, 2019
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I was too busy today to even think about smoking. But it's day 53! Amazing. 


I got my stitches out for my thumb surgery and scheduled the left hand index and middle finger surgery for early April. I didn't want to fix all the trigger fingers at once because I didn't want to heal both hands at one time. So now the right hand is back in action with the thumb fixed and the left hand will join it shortly! I can go back to the pool/gym in a couple days. Now to get off my arse and actually do that. I'm ready to start working on the pounds I've gained with the quit. 


I had errands to run and went here and there doing this and that, and then home for lunch. 


Then off to take the dog to the vet. She's got a sore on one of her legs. My husband went with me  to make handling the dog a little easier. She got a steroid shot and we'll double here allergy medicine for a week. Hopefully, she won't need surgery to remove whatever is happening in that spot. Right now, she's sleeping like there's no tomorrow. I think the vet trip stressed her out just a bit.


Now I'm settling down to watch a little TV and just have some down time.


So, happy day 53 to me. Hope everyone is well and smoke-free!



Day 53