Quitting for good!

Discussion created by Sophijane on Feb 6, 2019
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Hello, I am new to this community. I have decided to stop smoking once and for all. I have “attempted” in the past many times. I have gone for a few days to a few months without smoking only to succumb to the cravings. Many times I have tried to quit for my family. I’m blessed to have a supportive husband and 4 teen/young adult children. I have smoked since I was 16. My Mother and Father were both smokers and I remember how much I hated the stench of their cigarettes growing up. Unfortunately, I lost both of my parents (one to a stroke and one to cancer) at way to young of an age. I have never smoked in front of my children. I have always tried to hide it from them. However, I know they know. I turn 50 this year, and really want to give up the habit, first and foremost for myself. You see, my children are all almost adults. I am thankful I have had the opportunity to watch them grow. I now want to see what they become and what wonderful things they will do with their lives. Also, I want to live to be able to see and be ALIVE for my grandchildren (when they come along). I turn 50 this year, and for my birthday I want to give myself the gift of a Smokefree life.