No deep thoughts to share

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 5, 2019
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Yep, nothing enlightening to say, just felt the need to post something.


I embarked on day 51 today and I made a bit of headway. I used to smoke on the front porch. I have not sat on my glider out there since I quit. I needed to use my Dremel today do to some sanding and where I do that happens to be the same place I used to smoke, on that corner of the glider, near the plug, near the table with the ashtray on it, near the small trash can for things like cig packs. I didn't even  think twice. I went on the porch, got all set up, and did the sanding I needed to do. I noticed my bottle of bubbles (thanks elvan!) and blew a few when I was done with my work. Then I looked around and saw my trash. What a pig I was! There are packs on the floor and in the trash, and what the heck? I decided not to address the mess today, but I will get back to it. 


Anyway, a hurdle behind me. I can now  sit on my glider on the front porch without smoking. This makes me happy. 


One day at a time.