66 Days Smoke Free

Discussion created by sweetplt on Feb 7, 2019
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Hi Everyone at EX's,


I follow a Quit Guide app on my phone, so when I am away from the Ex site if needed I can track my moods, triggers and type in a journal...My commitment to quit this time and stay quit is motivated by health, and tired of smoking etc., However, I found the difference with this quit then other's past, I am in a peaceful place in my life.  It finally happened folks at 54 years old...I do not want to be involved with drama and I like "me" and what I do and don't do...no longer all the guilt, etc., Quitting this time as been me learning "who I am" and "living for today" and "letting go, and letting God".  The smokey fog has finally lifted.  Anyways, back to my Quit Guide, I wanted to mark my quit status because it amazes me daily...But I wanted to Thank all of you for helping me in my Quit.  


Have a beautiful day Smoke free ~ Colleen


66 days Quit, 858 Cigarettes not smoked saved $205.69, Saved my life 8580 minutes...Whoo Hoo...I am so proud...!