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Good Morning, I am on day 25 ( should have been close to 4 months but I had a couple of slips) and I am hungry all the time. I used to start my day with coffee and a smoke, maybe some breakfast a little later, if I was home, no lunch, just a smoke. I would have some lunch at work but than had a smoke.  So of course I have gained 10lbs and am currently on a low carb, high protein diet to get it off but for those of us over 60 know how hard that is. I do a least 17 to 20 flights of stairs a day and about 6,000 steps, hard to get that 10,000 when I sit at a desk all day. I do realize that the extra 10lbs is a small trade off for the health of my body, I just don't want to put on anymore as diabetes runs in my family and I already have an extra 20 lbs. on me. Anyone else struggle with the weight gain after quitting?