Solution for X?

Discussion created by minihorses on Feb 1, 2019
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OK I have been trying to solve a question/problem but couldn't figure the best way to go about it.  I won't go into the specifics of what I'm trying to figure out nor why I am blogging it here other than to say Ex-ers are a great sounding board for more than just stopping smoking!! Yesterday while taking a shower (my best thinking spot) and I decided to try an analogy.  Being from a computer programmer/database designer and administrator for a DoD contractor background I finally pulled out the old flowchart type thinking.  Maybe you can help me find solutions for X.


X is any object you'd like to picture. Animated or inanimate doesn't matter.


X was created for a reason, a real purpose.


X was molded, tested, redesigned and rebuilt until it was deemed useful.


X was being used daily and it was very important to have X around.  X mattered to many different groups and became readily available to them for use.


X's usefulness was diminished over time as other things could do what X did and more.


X started to be used less and less by almost everyone and was 'put in the closet' as its' purpose and use faded.


X no longer mattered and was abandoned having no reason or purpose anymore.


What do you think should be done with X?  Some possible choices are the usual; put in a closet or stored in the attic for possible use later, it could be put up for recycling, it could be thrown in the trash or maybe there is something else that could happen with X.  I'm curious as to what people come up with!