Quit date tomorrow Feb 1

Discussion created by Hiker on Jan 31, 2019
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Ok here I go one LAST time.

1. After smoking for 46 yrs, Quit for 3 yrs. Started again for 2yrs.

2. Had 6 cigs a day. I can tell you the exact time each day.

3. Would quit cold Turkey for 1 month then start again. Would quit for a week then thought I'd just smoke 1 week on , one week off. LOL that didn't last.

4. Used the patch and did well until I didn't have any and the store was out. So I bought a pack of cigarettes. 

5. I cant breathe well, cough, difficulty walking stairs and cant keep up with the hiking group.

DONE!!  I bought ALL the patches I'd need so I dont run out. Have plenty of chew toys, have set plans on what to do to beat the crave. I even changed my phone screen saver to a picture of a person using a portable oxygen tank!! Just to remind me of what's ahead if i dont quit NOW.   Plus using this site and all the information it has. So here i go......THE LAST TIME!!!!!