2nd week 2nd time quitting. I think I got this!

Discussion created by Onna on Feb 1, 2019
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Hello all and Thank You!

I am 32 and have been smoking since age 11. I quit cold turkey on 1-17-19.

This is my second time trying to quit and the EX website and everyone on it have helped me tremendously!

 I will not lie... It has definitely been hard but it is getting easier every day. I decided to share my experience as maybe it might help someone else. 

I was scared to quit... Even the thought of quitting made me panic. I have GAD (anxiety) and manic depression and female /other issues. So quitting for me was that much harder. 

But I knew I had to. A couple years ago my asthma started to get worse... Simple things would make me winded but it was when I could not swim/ play with my son...well that was my wake up call. So I did it I quit cold turkey and did not smoke..... For 2 months.

Then picked them back up. (Stressful time I quit my job and was dealing with female medical issues). 

Ever since I started again I knew I had to quit but was once again addicted. I remember most of the cigarettes I did smoke I did not really want.

So I decided to try to think about quitting smoking again.

It has really been a long process for me to get to where I am now.

I started to really think about WHY I was smoking. And then feeling bad about giving in when I did quit. And then I started to think about why did I give in? 

I just know that I was ready to quit again. So here I am! 

It has been 2 weeks and I feel better than I've ever felt! 

The first few days were definitely the hardest!!!!! I think the third/fourth day I even broke down crying telling my husband I can't do this just get me one! He quit with me. We were broke at the time so we could not get any.

But it was after that moment, after the tears dried and my blood pressure dropped to normal and my deep breaths gave more oxygen to my body.

That was my wake up call this time...

After I  made it through that craving. That very intense... That I feel like I am going to die if I don't get a cigarette now craving. Yep after that one I knew I was done with this addiction. I had to be done... Look at it's power over me !

And guess what...? The cravings... Have not been that bad since then. 

I have made up my mind this time I am done!

I joined this site a few days after I quit but have learned so much!!! If only I knew what I knew last time!!!! 

So the things that stuck out to me from EX website were posts that other people have posted.. definitely worth reading if you have not yet...don't know the specific title names but I'm sure someone reading this might...

The smoking dialogue act... Between Quitter vs. Nicorderm.

OMG this is my mind all the way! Sad but funny to see in action as I can relate to the thinking.

The post/page that has thousands of the CHEMICALS that they put in cigarettes.

The post/page on (what yo expect) 30 days to 130 days (???) 

There was also one about nicotine addiction (lizard/toddler brain)

There have been alot more but those are the ones that have helped me! 

So thank you for those EX!!!!


One last thing that I still can't get over.....

I used to smell that bad???????