60 Days Quit and Going

Discussion created by sweetplt on Feb 1, 2019
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Hi All You Exer's,


I am celebrating 60 days today and very proud.  At times, it is a struggle, but I realize from this group the more I say to myself, "I don't do that anymore" the better it has become.  More or Less, smoking isn't an option when I socialize and have a cocktail, when I am stressed, when I am on the phone with toxic family members, when I see someone else light up, etc., 


We all have our problems, it is so part of Life.  I want to offer something here even if it helps one person quit and keep the quit.  The last two weeks, my father (who has Alzheimer's) fractured his head (he is doing much better, I watched a dog run out in the street and a car hit and kill it (I love love animals), I stepped in sewage after having a pedicure and almost ended up with a staph infection, one of my best friends husband's died, my family is drama and toxic (meaning sisters and mom) and I left them use me as a doormat etc., this all took place the last two weeks...in the past, I would have smoked away all of these "Life things"...but I didn't and you know why? Because Smoking Would not Help one of these things.  Not one, wouldn't bring my girlfriends husband back, wouldn't help my dad's head...and so on...


Life goes on with its "ups and downs".  The struggle is learning to deal with each thing while protecting a new quit.

Well YOU CAN because this time my QUIT is For me and the Number One thing in my Life.  Take the plunge and do the work and Quit smoking.  Smoking is controlling YOU...by Quitting your taking your life back and learning to Deal with problems the right way.  


 I Thank God everyday for giving me the strength & life to say NOPE.  I am here for anyone who needs help.  I am wishing each of you a Smoke Free Beautiful Friday on my 60 Days Quit...Love and Hugs ~ Colleen aka sweetp