To people who relapse

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jan 29, 2019
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I have been the one. The one who quit for a week, a few days, whatever, and then picked up one cigarette and fell into the relapse game. I came here and talked about the relapse and then I fell off the face of the planet.


I was reading replies to a person who relapsed and one of them said "thank you for posting!" I thought that was so profound in a weird way. The relapser screwed up their courage and posted. They didn't disappear from EX. And they were thanked for that. 


I want to add my thanks to relapsers who try again and again and again, and come here and talk about it. It is so brave to not internalize it all, to share with us, and to, believe it or not, strengthen my/our quits. By starting again, you're showing signs that you're gonna make it. You have not given up. You want to quit. You're flirting with smoking, but you'll show it to the curb before you know it. I believe in you! 


I'm 44 days in and have quit numerous times before. I know what a relapse is and how tempting the urge to smoke can be. I also know that if I take even one puff, I'm a smoker again. And to tell the truth, I'm not sure I would have the wherewithal to come here and admit the relapse and ask for help.


So, yes, thank you for posting. You are doing both yourself and me a favor by doing so. And keep quitting!



Day 44