Urges are weird

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jan 25, 2019
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Today is day 40. I'm so happy about that and can't express my proudness any better than that. 


My son came to visit early evening. He didn't eat dinner with us, but he hung out while we had dinner. I sat with him watching the news as we all chit chatted. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then all of a sudden, I got the strongest urge to go outside and smoke. Here's the deal - I never smoked right after meals and I never smoke around my kids. What's up with that?  I broke out a cinnamon stick and told him to undo the urge whammy


The hand surgery I had yesterday is healing quickly. The doc had said it wouldn't be a big deal if I took care of things, and he was right. Two days ago, I had painful hands. Today, I don't. Medical science is pretty cool. I'll have the same surgery on the other hand in a couple months and then I should be done with that stuff.


For two days, though, I've been eating soooo poorly. My plan is to get myself back in gear food-wise starting in the morning. What was once stress smoking has now become stress eating. Argh. Always something. The good news is that I'm pretty capable of nipping this food thing in the bud. 


So, yes, urges are weird. So is life. So is everything. It's the way life rolls, right?