BPs and Pulse

Discussion created by anaussiemom on Jan 25, 2019
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I have been scared straight.  I have been thru so much heart ache with tobacco addiciton> One would think I would have learned something.  NO, I have to go thru BP sky high,  to be to scared to smoke.    I want this fear to stick.  Yep I crave but not for long periods of times but a lot.  10 days in, almost another day won.   

Just wanna know BP is still high.  Not as bad though.  My pulse has been running about 62?   Am I kinda like pre-dead?

Kinda kidding kinda not.  I am fookin" scared straight.   I want to keep that fear.  Yesterday was a big all time low, depressed state.  I felt and still do that is my my BP med.  To much diuretic.  Pulse still low Idk.   Not looking for medical advice.

Just anyone else get low pulse? 

Pre-dead Kim