Friends who smoke...

Discussion created by vanessa11 on Jun 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2008 by louise2
I have attempted to quit smoking many times, which included my recent attempt at quitting just a few weeks ago. I have some digestive issues and found myself eating large amounts of chocolate which did not quite help out a bit...

I have many family members who are smokers, so you can just imagine how difficult it is when no one really cares if you quit smoking or not...they are all just like, yeah whatever, do what you gotta do, but don't ask me to help...great support there. Eventually, with all the stomach issues, and the unsupportive people, it has become even more difficult to quit than ever. those are the two things that have held me back..many people will say excuses, but when your living in it, it's more than just an excuse!