How does one know?

Discussion created by sweetplt on Jan 21, 2019
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On Day 49 of Freedom, which cigarette through the years is the one that will kill me or make me sick?  


That old excuse, one won’t kill or how about we will die over something...how about being sick a long time...your loved one’s watching you suffer etc., 


I have thought much on these questions the last week or so, since being in “No man’s Land” due to some troubling things going on in my life.  I wouldn’t smoke, but I wanted to at times, this site am so many here helped me so much.  But I kept telling myself a cigarette would not help one of the bad situations.  I prayed for a sign and I got it, a back ache in my lung area and using my nebulizer, a reminder of all the years I smoked.  If you are not feeling the effects of smoking and still are smoking, quit .. it will happen ... I am 54 years old and I felt the symptoms long ago (small one’s but ones that were there and I could lie to whom? Myself) 


This is my third quit and on 49 days Free...this is good but lost a quit after more days then that...I refuse to lose this one, 


With those thoughts I am off to walk and get those lungs going and know it is our choice to smoke or not.


And Today


I choose not to smoke.  Gotcha all on my walk. Colleen aka sweetp