KUDOS Congrats to EXers

Discussion created by jrgar1 on Jan 20, 2019
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    Thanks to all for sharing 6.5 years. 2,375.5 one day at a times smober with me. All EXers have been a vital ongoing part of my final quit. Recovery from addiction is our most difficult every day battle in life. Also surely our most rewarding purpose of life. When we are willing and our desire is strong enough our choices to do something (or not do) become more clear. We do things never thought possible. Believing the impossible. Even quit nicotine and much more! Gratitude and acceptance has led me on a daily journey to conquer our common dis-ease.. We are not alone.. Thanks to all for walking this adventure with me. N.O.P.E.! NEVER QUIT QUITTING!

      Peace & Love to all,