Choices, by JWG

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Another post by QSMB's Invisible Man, JWG  .  Infused with good advice, his perspective and some humor to make it stick.


Posted 09 December 2012 - 09:46 AM

Its well documented around this place to smoke or not to smoke is about nothing more
Then the choice to do so. No one is ever “made” to smoke people elect to smoke
And then often take some excuse and dress it up so they can pass it off as a reason
While its easy enough to just say No. Its even easier if you never put your self in the position that would require you to make a choice.
And this is simply done by pre action . you need to act before the trigger. When possible
Avoid a known danger or hot spots , incases where this is not possible make it upmost clear to yourself that you acknowledge the situation but under no circumstances will you be par-taking in tubular recreation
But as also know major triggers to smoke are a result of (HALT ) Hunger, Anger, lonesome ( boredom ) and tiredness so to avoid ever being in these situation stay one step ahead.
Eat more often , not more food just more often ward off hunger = ward off trigger
Walk away from confrontation. You can arguer a different day . no anger = no trigger find something to do stay active . as a smoker a good portion of the day might have been sitting “smoking” now to sit idle is nothing but a welcome mat to bordom .. stay buzy.
Not lonsome= no trigger
And final go your ass to bed or take a nap if your tired
While as fun as quitting may be , I would argue its best just done once. So do what you must the first time around. If it means a few nights of take out cause you didn’t feel like cooking , fine . If it means some jerk-ola thinks there smarter then you cause you did not argue ,, who cares. You ate half your lunch at 11 am and the other half a 1 pm.. now that’s earth shattering.. don’t get to hungry or to full. to spare the triggers. pre action is the key
Each quit is different so each will have different sets of triggers . but the same rules will apply