Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

Discussion created by Barb102 on Jan 18, 2019
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One year thank you God. I have to thank all of my Elder friends for of of their advice, support and love. This has been quite a journey. Please read my blogs is you are new. It didn’t come easy. Anything worth having never does. I’m jus a baby Elder now so please stay close my friends. I do not take a quit for granted no matter how long it’s been. It’s always to be respected and protected. 


To thank all all by name would leave someone out and there are too many of you to thank. 


I want want to write a my one year quit blog. I want to stay quit. I want to help newbies get to this day too. I will always be there for you


special thanks to Missy. My husband gave me your wonderful precious gift that you made for me. It will treasure it and you always. I hope I have attached the picture correctly.  


I am so excited!!  I did it this time. I quit. I don’t do that anymore. NOPE no matter what


I love and thank you all. God bless you!


Barb. 365 !!!!



Thank you Missy