What has been working for me...

Discussion created by michelle78 on May 12, 2008
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Hello! I'm new to the group, and I'm only two days into my quit. While obviously, then, I can't say what has worked long term, I can say what has gotten me this far. I find suckers work well when I'm really having a craving. They give me that hand-mouth contact that I'm used to getting from cigarettes. Sometimes, although this may sound rediculous, I'll even hold them in between my fingers as I did with cigarettes because I find that that helps a little. I try to stick with the mentality that you can do ANYTHING as long it is NOT smoking a cigarette, so whatever works!

Also, I find walks help a lot. Not long walks, just "get me out of the house until I can stand to go back and not smoke" walks. They help especially when I am on the phone because talking on the phone was a big trigger of mine. Before I quit, I read all the tips and such on the "ex" website where they talk about all the steps and whatnot, and I've really taken it to heart that whenever you're having a craving, just GET OUT of where ever you are. That's what I've been doing, just getting up and leaving. Go to the bathroom, get a drink, take a walk, whatever I have to do to leave wherever I am.

Another tip I got off that site was bottled water. I know it sounds like it wouldn't help, but I've found it does. Maybe because it's just another way to get that hand-mouth contact, or because it's something for my hands to hold...I don't know. But it's helped me. And it helps to keep me from eating all day every day which I know is a risk.

I'm really open to suggestions at this point, so whatever you have to offer, I appreciate it. And good luck on your quits!!