Almost 1 year

Discussion created by Kristih78 on Jan 17, 2019
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So excited to have my 1 year anniversary of not smoking coming up here soon, it's an amazing accomplishment.  Smoking took over my life ,I was constantly asking myself ,do I have ciggerette,  where is the closest store, can I smoke in this person or that persons car, maybe I shouldn't go for this or that trip because I cant smoke ??????? My life revolved around ciggerettes, it was a evil circle that never ended until feburary 15th 2018, the day I decided it was enough. My entire family were smokers ,mom dad ,sisters , my grown kids and my partner in life . We all smoked!!!!  Most of my family members have quit smoking along with me so it's made a big difference. It wasnt always easy.  I was emotionally tired ,I gained 50 pounds, I was depressed and upset but decided that I needed to do something, so 6 months ago I joined the ketogenic community I'm now a ketoer, I have lost 23 pounds and focusing on losing weight . I can breath better,no more squeaky breathing,  I can taste better, my BP has gone back to normal ,my pulse went from 115 to a 67. I no longer worry about what ciggerettes are doing to my body ,I have less of chance of heart attack and stroke , I know I reduced my chances of cancer and blood clots.  I do not have cravings any longer and my life is back on track. Congrats to all who have embarked on this journey ,its gonna be a bumpy ride but it will also be an amazing one!!!!!!