If only We Could Be

Discussion created by Barb102 on Jan 15, 2019
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If only we could live up to this. What a kinder, loving, nicer world it would be




I hope this made you smile too.  Ok so let’s have more feedback on this. You know that our dogs think we can do everything.  They love us unconditionally.  We should never expose them to second hand smoke.  We should live up to their beliefs in us 


Im a dog and cat person. Heck I just love animals. Sorry no bugs. Just lady bugs, June bugs. I love hamsters, birds, lizards, mice, chipmunks etc  alll creatures big and small. I had the cops called on me when I was 13 and organized a sit in.  It was in a pet shop and I didn’t want them to feed mice to snakes. So I staged a sit in. Not fair. No fighting chance for those mice. Give the little guy a break. We all need a fighting chance


Anyway its it’s late and time for more prednisone. But the truth comes out. I want to be the kind of person that my dog and cat family truly think I am. That would be great.