Safe travels home for our Chris....

Discussion created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 5, 2019
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I'm so happy that you got to travel to California to be with your daughter Sheri your son in law,  grandson and Luna I hope I got the dog's name right Chris! If you're anything like me you'll need a vacation from your vacation even though you had a wonderful time bring all of the awesome memories home with you along with your awesome quit journey, keep on stacking up your stupendous DOF because you can but if you start having a rough time please come here so we can help you through it, I want to travel across Canada so we can meet in person that's on my bucket list to travel across Canada one more time and since I've quit smoking hopefully I'll enjoy a few years to do just that and maybe you'll be able to travel East and come visit me, there's nothing but pluses when it comes to quitting smoking. XO Christine13 huge loving hug coming your way Chris XO.