Holiday Woes

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by Giulia

As with all of us, we look forward to the Holiday season that we spend with Family and Friends.  December has been a blah month for me for quite a number of years but, I try to muddle through the month. To many losses of family, friends and pets that leave me sad.

  This Christmas was no different   The Sunday before Christmas my mom took ill and we thought it was a back sprain.  She complained about the pain for a few days and on Sunday, December 23rd she was having breathing problems and almost passed out.  We called 911 and she was rushed to the ER.  The diagnosis was a shocker. Mom had both lungs filled with blood clots and we were told she was barely two days away from a massive heart attack or stroke.  

Mom spend 5 days in the hospital and is now in rehab where, thank God, she's coming along very well.  She's getting her strength back and in about 3 weeks will be sent home.  Coming so close to losing mom nearly destroyed me.  She just turned 89 and the thought of losing her is something I cannot think about.

With all the worry and stress and fear, all I wanted was a cigarette but my inner voice said ' and what's that going to solve'?  No need to worry, I did not smoke but Wow, did I want to.  I'm 11 days away from my 6 month mark and feeling Great.

 Please send out good thoughts for my moms quick recovery.  Love you all and hope you're having a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.