1 month Quit

Discussion created by sweetplt on Jan 3, 2019
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Today, I am quit one month from smoking.  I am so happy and proud.  The things I learned from this quit in 30 days is to pray every day for strength from God to not smoke.  Also, I learned to stay prepared.  For example, on the phone with someone difficult I get out an adult coloring book and color instead of smoking my feelings.  Hah, an epiphany just happened, maybe that is what I always did, smoked my feelings instead of dealing with them.  Also, avoiding right now situations and people that smoke.  Funny, but I am calmer and more at peace.  Above all, being grateful daily for my life.  

It is not an easy journey, but it is doable.  I am learning so much this time about myself.  I am learning to like the new non smoking ME. I am excited to learn more about this journey the next 30 days.  Knowledge is definitely power.  

Today I choose not to smoke...Wishing all a beautiful day. Hugs sweetp aka Colleen