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Discussion created by meka on Jul 5, 2008
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I have two main reasons for quiting smoking, the first is : My health, im 29 years old and I have been smoking since I was 16 years old, the first few years I did'nt notice the effects that smoking was taking on my body but now 13 years later I realize the terrible toll it has taken, not just on the inside but on the outside as well, I just decided that I did'nt want to wake up one day hooked up to an oxygen tank and have lung cancer, COPD, emphysema, or any other smoking ralated disease and then It's too late-and then wish that I had stopped earlier. My other reason, which is just as important as the first Is that I'm the mother of two beautiful little girls and It would absolutely destroy me if I ever saw any one of them with a cigarette in their mouth, they mimic me enough as it is, but that's just how it is, girls especially look up to their mothers and thats why I want to set good example for my girls- I remember my first experience with a cigarette as a child was watching my mother smoke and thinking how cool she looked and wanting to be just like her and waiting till she was'nt looking and sneaking one of her butts out of the ashtray and imitating her by puffing on it, once I became a teenager I started by stealing one or two at night when she was asleep and then taking them to school to smoke with my friends, how horrible, I wish I never touch those things,but anyway, In addition to that, health wise I want to be around a long time and watch my daughters grow up, graduate high school, go to college, have successful careers, get married, have children and all that good stuff in between.... Yeah I want to be there for all of that, and those are my main reasons for quiting of course there are other reasons such as vanity, I hate the smell of smoke on my clothes, hair, skin, and nails- and to me it's just so unattractive so see a young lady or anybody for that matter smoking, like I said I just wish I never picked those things up....but I'm sure glad I put them down, and this is not the first time I have made several quit attempts over the years and It's is not easy, especially when you try to do it alone and that's why this time around I'm seeking support because I really want to stay quit and I realized it makes the battle a little easier when you don't have to fight it alone. I thank GOD for this site. people sharing and reaching out and helping others overcome, It is truly a beautiful thing and I'm just glad to be a part of it.