Positively Whimsically REAL!?!

Discussion created by anaussiemom on Jan 1, 2019
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I feel that it is important that the Elderbies" get Real" to help the Newbies.

"G"   wrote something profound yesterday.  In a topic; She hated quitting"....  
That is important for me.    It's huge and it was profound learning I'm not alone in hating this quit!
  Knowing that the Elderbies"  did not appreciate the quit, or hated the quit;
  That is REAL!  I am a newbie, and whimsical , with other newbies"  (guilty).   I love reading how much it can actually suck"!  Quitting is not whimsical!  It hurts, it feels like a loss, of a loved one for many of us.  Yes we, know it is not a loss!  
Not the point all the time!
  We, Me, need and want, to know some of the ELDERBIES" tough time  Hating the quit, moments during  the beginning, quit.....  "G" and others have gotten real.
Newbies start this site everyday.  help us with hating the quit."
  Please get Real, tell us your stories, of how hard it is with a moment,of real in your quit. 
  It is no way unicorns and lollipops!

Even though, we must" and have to be, positive"  for the addictive receptors in our brains to heal one moment at a time if need be.

Hating the quit is very REAL!