New EX resource to quit e-cigarettes/vaping

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The EX Team is always looking to help our members quit, regardless of what kind of tobacco product you use or where you are in your quit journey. We know that more and more people are trying to quit e-cigarettes/vaping (either because they used them to quit smoking or never smoked at all but want to quit now).


We are excited to share a new EX resource to help quit e-cigarettes/vaping! It's a text message program, written with contribution from others who have gone through the quitting process. And it's the first of its kind, evidence-based e-cigarette cessation program.


How to Get It

When you sign up for text messages on EX, just text "ECIG" to the number from which you receive messages to get enrolled in the messages specific to quitting e-cigarettes/vaping.


You can also text "QUIT" to 202-804-9884 to get started.


You can adjust your text message settings in the Edit Profile | Communications section of your EX PlanEdit Profile: BecomeAnEX  


What You'll Get

Once you're enrolled in the e-cigarette/vaping specific program, it works pretty similarly to our other text messages: You can set a quit date and get 1 msg/day tailored to your quit date for one week before and 30 days after your quit date. If you're not ready to set a quit date yet, that's ok, too! We have two weeks of messages to help you build confidence toward quitting and try practice strategies to get ready.


If you've signed up and have feedback, we'd love to hear it! This program is brand new, and our ears are open to hear what you like about it or what you think could be better.