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Continue with patch?

Question asked by psychedelicfeline on Dec 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2018 by Gwenivere

I am about five days into my “quitting journey”, and have been using the nicotine patch as an aid. I’m still struggling with cravings, and I’m wondering if I should go from the step one patch to the step two, give myself another week on step one, or stop prolonging the inevitable and suffer the full nicotine withdrawal? I’ve been having increased physical pain (I have chronic pain on a good day) while going from smoking to the patch, and have been either oversleeping or having insomnia. I worry continuing with the patch may extend these symptoms.


im unable to take Wellbutrin or Cymbalta(?) due to my other health problems, any advice? Thanks so much for reading, happy holidays. : )con