Whoo Hoo 14 Days Quit

Discussion created by sweetplt on Dec 17, 2018
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Hi to everyone and especially to all that Welcomed me to this site.  You made my morning.  


I am so proud and happy to say, "I am 14 days Quit from smoking", and in honor of my 2 weeks quit, I want to share a bit about myself.


I am 54 years old and Married to a wonderful husband.  I have a 10 year old dog named Peanut.  I am a housewife and have moved a lot with my husband's career.  I am involved in a few organizations through Church, neighborhood, gym etc.,  


When I was 38 years old I thought cigarettes were my best friend.  (Silly thinking, but true) I quit for about 8 years and started back with a friend.  I quit again for almost 5 years and went out drinking and hence 4 years later here I am celebrating 14 days quit.  
One thing I learned, Never Give up...Keep trying and Keep Quitting because one day it will stick like glue.  I found my weak spot and it is the cocktail.  Don't they say, "Three times is a charm"...well it has to be my choice and I choose to rid this yucky addiction.


I have had health issue's most of my life and smoking has never helped it.  I am an 8 year brain aneurysm survivor of a 9mm basilar artery annie and still have another in my eye that is being watched.  I have pulmonology issues due to my surgery (life support) and asthma.  Hah...and I went back to smoking.  (the one thing Doctors say I should never do)...That is how strong this demon is to us...but I am learning that so is the cocktail hour that went too long and defenses went down and thought one cigarette wouldn't hurt.  I won't bore you with the details, each of you know this journey.


I live "one day at a time"...and no longer want this is my life...so on December 3rd...I decided "enough is enough"...and I quit.  I need this site, because I believe in any journey we need to do it together.


I am here for each of you, as you are here for me.  So the past is the past...today I celebrate 14 days to Freedom.

This is the best gift I could give me and Hubs and Peanut for Christmas.


Wishing all a Beautiful Smoke~Free Monday...Colleen aka sweetp