Preparing to quit...suggestions?

Discussion created by Freedomcat on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by elvan

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and in the process of preparing for a quit date of December 27th....14 days away. Last January I gave myself a year to get ready, to learn about my triggers and why I smoke. But...most of the year I just smoked with my head in the sand as usual. I did learn some things

But I gave myself a year and told myself that that would be it. My partner and I want to have a baby next year and if I keep smoking I will never have a family. 

I have never had a plan before when I tried to quit. I always did it completely on my own. Sounds silly now. 

So I need your help in creating a quit plan. 

Might you share with me some of your knowledge and wisdom from your experience? I'm looking for what worked for you, not cold hard advice. But ideas that I can work with.


Thank you! (Feeling excited and terrified)