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Question asked by mrskmac on Dec 12, 2018
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Just found this site and I so need your guidance, please.


Up until now it has been oddly easy to stay smoke free. Even during my "triggers" ie. morning coffee, I could still sit in my chair that I would smoke and drink my coffee and it doesn't make me want a cig. During Thanksgiving I stood outside with My Auntie while she smoked and again zero desire to smoke (it actually stunk). Drinking I thought was really going to be hard, but it's not. I have no issues drinking, even while others smoke.


So why today am I having a melt down...crying uncontrollably, depressed. I don't want a cigarette but I am so over  "thinking" about cigarettes. It seems like every time I turn around I am thinking (briefly) of cigs. Now it's not that I'm thinking "I want one" but more of "normally I would smoke right now" and I move on.


Today because of my emotions, I go Online to search when the "thoughts" stop and I find out it could be never! I cry hysterically, why quit then? It seems overwhelming to think that I will always "think" to some level about smoking, what's the point?


Another thought I had was "wow, I had no idea that cigs are this addictive". I know that sounds weird but I thought I would quit and once I made it past a month it would be easy to stay quit. I'm shocked that how addicted I am.


Thanks for listening.