I am SO going to make this my new adventure

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Dec 7, 2018
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To me there is something romantic about the Cello. I have always wished to know how to play one and made the decision it will be my new adventure for 2019.


I love I adore music.

I started with flute and piccolo and then tenor sax. Piano, self taught ..not that great but enough to get by.


Guitar at age 17..then came Mandolin .... ( only because I came across my  grandfathers Mandolin)  Tenor Banjo, because its a no brainer,...fingering the same as my Mando....( Did I mention I am a big folk music/bluegrass fan)? I bought a fiddle a few years ago due to fingering much like Mandolin...but never got stuck to it . I also have a dulcimer I mess with sometimes.


Dunno why. But CELLO...oh I have always admired it...its sound. SO once I am done with the currant health issue, I am off to buy a  used Cello and will begin practicing. There something so romantic about it...soul searching resinating  from it, It Echoes and I LOVE it.


Flute and Mandolin will always be my first love.


How about you ?

Do you play an instrument? What one and if you don't...what one would you wish you played ? Its' never to late to learn.