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A more serious one from JWG, the Invisible Man from QSMB, he has a good handle on how a quit grows on you...


Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:24 AM

Quits and levis

I can kinda see the connection, can you?
I remember back in the day, Before pre washed denim
And now even pre worn out jeans
You actually had to do this stuff your self. Maybe one day
There will be that “ magic pill” or silver bullet to end a career
Of nicotine addiction
But until then you will have to go back to the days of
The original levis

How many here can remember getting a new pair of levis
And standing out like a sore thumb. They didn’t fit well
Weren’t even all that comfortable. But you knew with time this would change. They would have to be washed as much as you could do it
Two three times in a row. I can remember putting on a new pair of levis
And sitting in a hot tub of water for a good 10 or fifteen min, then getting out and wearing these until they would dry , Hoping to get that custom fit

I would like to think now that all these things I did in some way did help and that all my efforts were not just in vein. But I can not say now what was the trick or how it came to be. Just that one day when I put on these jeans
They FIT. There were comfortable, I felt as thou they could be my second skin. I now had a favorite pair of jeans. Not only did my jeans fit me
But we fit in with the places# and people we aspired to be

So are jeans became our identity and now needed to be protected and not over washed or played around in to carelessly. In fact they might even
One day become cherished even if a bit worn and tethered. Put away
In a special place full of memories of youth and a time long past

So A quit could be very much the same , its something uncomfortable
At first but you know one day to get better. You cant wash this quit in a machine you have to walk it, live it, and breath it, one day, one step at a time
Hoping all the while this will take hold and longing for a click you have read about. But I think to your despair, there will never be heard this click. But only one day wake up like the ones before and at one point realize
Hey this fits. It fits me like who I am, more then a second skin It is who I am. Whom I have worked to become.
I am my quit, as I live and breath

To be loved to be cherished
To be kept in check so never to wear out or tether
Like a favorite pair of jeans