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i just want to vent and say how much i hate quitting!  I am feeling anxious and hyper. I am taking Chantix so that probably has something to do with it. I quite last Thursday night, had Friday off and the weekend as my first couple of days of quitting. It went pretty well. Today was first day back at work and that was ok. I was able to deal with the urges to smoke - I did deep breaths, took a walk around the building. Talked to myself in the car, telling myself "I am a non-smoker. I dont want to die gasping for air. I dont want my daughter to tell me things like smoking means I dont want to live long enough to see her children.  But home tonight has been very rough. right now i want to get up and go buy a pack of cigarettes.


Sorry for the buzzkill! I'll be ok, I have a smoke cessation class tomorrow. Just helped to write and b**** a little!