"My First day" by Dave

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This is another of the humorous but full of truth posts by JWG, the Invisible Man from QSMB.


The writer/speaker is "Dave", who we will also meet later, after a relapse.  It isn't JWG speaking for himself.


Today was my first day ,
I thought a journal might be a good thing to keep and then others can see what a typical quit is like or to be expected

But I sorta think I picked the wrong day or more the wrong week
Maybe the wrong year
Things were going well for the first 15min or so I only thought of smoking about 6 times. And then I heard a knock on the door so at first I was kinda of glad for the distraction till I opened it and found some girl I was seeing awhile back standing there with four babies..
She said HI daddy .. I said “daddy my ass “ you got a cigarette?
No ,, she says I don’t smoke and yup you’re the baby daddy ,,
Im like ,, shut the front door ,, slam,, seriously I slammed the door
And started looking for an ashtry , if there was no butts in it I was prepaired just to eat it..
Well I did not lock the door and here walks in this women who clearly has not slept in a week or washed her hair in that time . more then one Mc double over weight in a t-shirt that dose not fit not to mention the slober , I can only hope was from one of them rug rats . starts to tell me Its time for me to take the “kids” for awhile,,
I did know weather to cry , scream , run or find a hand gun and this was just for the cigarette I still wasn’t buying this crap about a baby daddy , but it turns out that “pill” she was taking was for making extra babies,, I need to talk to a lawyer about in trapment
At the time I thought being hand cuffed to the bed was fun.
Never again I am here to tell you that
Well some how I made it threw the morning with out smoking
Mostly cause the coffee filters wont burn when you roll things in them , well that and being on house arrest its not like I can just run out to the store. Maybe if my scooter was running I would have
Gone for it ,, Its pretty fast for 39 cc..
One good thing I was saving lots of money not smoking ,, so far I had saved well nothing yet cause I was playing poker online and not doing do well,, Im sure there are other good things too
I just have not found them yet ,, unless you count I figured it was possible to sniff the fumes from the airasol cans in the house
Good thing you can get addicted to that ,
Right ?
By the time it got to be five or six I was doing much better the craves to smoke were less often maybe 5 to 7 min apart I had only set one small fire trying to smoke the table leg , I had learned about sniffing fumes and snorting other cleaning products
I cleaned out the medicine cabnits and drank all the liquids I could find with warning labels.. I only lost 400 dollars online.
So yeah so far things were going well,, and I had heard this was going to be tough,, I thought it was going pretty smooth
And I still had a bottle of jack daniels hid in case of emergency

By 7 pm turns out it was hidden really good I have ripped open all the couch cushins ,, taken everything out of the all the cabnits
Clothes out of the dressers and maybe dug up a few plants outside
Yup I hid it good ,, note to self don’t hide things when drunk

8 oclock until 10 oclock I only had one crave which is good
Granted it lasted two hours ,, but still looking on the bright side it was just one. and craves dont kill but there not to good for your hands and ability to cut your own hair. So now I pretty much am bald
But I didn’t smoke,
And it was all because of will power , house arrest , a broken scooter . 5 miles to the store ,no one home next door , cell phone out of miniutes . Assorted percription drugs , cleaning products , and a lot of determination .

Time for bed and on to day two
Oh boy I cant wait"