Momma Comes home pt. 1

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Below is the first in the "Momma" series written by JWG, the Invisible Man at QSMB.  Fortunately I saved the series and will present it to you one by one over time.


About John:  He quit in 2010.  In late 2013 he was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung cancer, and passed away December 28, 2013, six weeks after diagnosis.  He was an active participant of QSMB (QuitSmokingMessageBoard) which has gone by the wayside and his posts are inaccessible except some few with the Wayback Machine, and a few that I have saved to my hard drive.


He wrote serious, funny and everything in between, this is a funny one . 


Here's Momma #1:

"So this will be a tuff weekend for me to see how I do under pressure
And all. And if I can remain true to my not smoking , but I am sure it will not be like other weekends.
See we will be picking mom up from the state Penn today at four I guess she’s getting out on good behavior or something. I don’t know . I never really can keep up with her schedule. Her and jail is like a yo yo . Or better said in this room like a chronic relapser. It will be alright at first it is always good to see her out for a few months. But as like all of these big days first it will be gotta get a carton of smokes then to the liquor store. But lord know she cant go in there . I don’t think she knows how to actually pay for something from inside of that place. Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure she means well and dose care some for me and my 12 brothers and sister, thanks to every guard working at the Penn, every fathers day we would all get trucked there in the back of a couple of pick ups . And have like a pot luck dad super. Mom figured if we meet’em all eventually we would get to know are pops. Like she always said in her letters . It s ok if you don’t like something as long as you try it once.
Well I don’t mean to be getting so off base with this and should be talking about not smoking. just sometimes when I get to thinking about all this it’s no wonder I smoked in the first place. Hell wouldn’t you? Ok yea so that’s A dumb question of coarse you would , you are an ex smoker for your own reasons. Im sure better then mine, I only started smoking . So I would have a pacifier.
Yea so anyways after we get back to the house is when things will
Start to get tuff for me and everyone shows up , the bikers and prison guards don’t always get along so good, but they do for the most part know each other, then the drinking starts and moms getting drunk showin off her new prison tats, that’s always a hoot, I just hope she didn’t get the other check done I don’t know if I could bare to see that a** agian
And I really did wonder why I ever smoked. Gosh was I that stupid.
Lucky today is pretty nice out so im sure a lot will be out side
I think if it was a rainy day and this crowed showed up I would be smoking just due to the amount in the air. I would probably get second hand ,second hand smoke. Did you know that happens when
80 people fit into a trailer ,but we are lucky are’s is underpinned that’s almost like a basement so I could always go down stairs .and the chicken wire lets you get a lot of fresh air , not so good for sleeping in the winter , but dose keep the posums out of you left over dinner if you was fixen to save it for in the morning.
Well Like I was sayin this is gonna be a tuff weekend for me
Up until this quit I had been smoking a pack a day for 14 years
Now I am kinda wishing I would have waited one more year to quit
So I would be old enough to have my license and just dive away for the day and get outta here. But then again if I was to steal a car dose it really matter if I had a license? I guess I could ask mom , she would know. Oh boy and I haven’t even thought about how I am going to handle the drinking yet. I hope I will have time to post on my other forum. And I need to hide this computer . Before some one recognizes it"