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December, the last month of the year.  In the Southern Hemisphere, where some of our members live, it's SPRING!!!!  For those living in the Northern Hemisphere it's looking a lot like......
Whether it's Spring or Winter we're pledging because we believe that quitting smoking (or vaping or chawing or any form of nicotine enslavement) is the best thing that we can do for ourselves.
That BEST part of us wants the best FOR us.  That soft, loving voice that knows better, does indeed know - better. Unfortunately it isn't as needy and LOUD as that other voice.  That other voice, the addict voice is just a constant whiner, a beggar, a wimp.  It yells "PLEASE give me what I want," it's the annoying child within screaming for immediate gratification.  And it's very demanding.   It pretends to be our friend, our companion and our savior.  It makes us believe it will ease our emotional pain. But all it does is feed us emotional lies and by so doing - keep us enslaved..
Believe the voice you know to be true.  And we do know that true voice.  That voice, that BEST part of us that  cannot be denied.  There is not one person who would be on this site if that small, championing voice wasn't there - niggling encouragement.  Both voices can drive us quitters a bit crazy in the beginning of our journeys.  The whiny, addictive voice tends to be louder; the smarter, quieter voice,  weaker.  Listen to the quieter voice.  It won't let you down.
Be the champion that quiet voice knows you can be.  Just stick with that BEST of YOU voice.  It will never lead you astray and you will always be proud that you did listen more to it than the other whiner who just brings you down.
Thank you Rollercoaster for giving me the opportunity to be your sub for the December's Pledge.  
And one last thought before I post this -   chuck-2-20-2011  made a very astute comment on a blog recently.  Wise words.  
I personally don't think that many people who quit on the outside but not on the inside have much success, simply because I think a quit has to come from within to be successful.
I agree that to overcome this addiction, one needs to quit from the inside out.  Holding another hand here and adding a personal commitment is definitely a step in that direction.
Hang in everybody!

How to pledge: 

  1. Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply.Latest Reply
    Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links.Pagination
  2. Click on the Reply bubble and make your pledge to the person at the end and then offer your free hand to the next pledge.Reply
  3. You've made your pledge.  Come back tomorrow and pledge again.
  4. Check out this handy quit calendar to calculate your DOF!  EX Quit Calculator or check out My Quit Plan.

As you go through your day you know that you have these two people with you and all of you are keeping each other strong. How cool is that! 


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