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Discussion created by Gwenivere on Nov 28, 2018
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I did start my quit yesterday with the 7mg. patches and lozenges to help cravings.  I think it was the worst night in my life.  OK, a little dramatic there.  But the withdrawl seemed worse than ever.  I called the Quit Line for WA and they said it did sound like intense withdrawl.  While I was out today I bought 14mg. patches to try Friday as I have no obligations.  I’m loony enough from this to inflict that on unsuspecting innocents.  


I know the goal is no nicotine but I know me and have to have help before I tackle that.  I’m curious if anyone else here ever used NRT that was too low.  The Quit coach just kept telling me it was up to me, which is true.  She recommended more lozenges, but they cause nausea if you take them too close together.  Digestion is trashed as it is.  I’m sick of taking showers for the sweaty feeling too.  No sweat, just the feeling.  


My poor dogs.  Their living with a crazy woman!