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Who is your favorite ACTRESS/ACTOR ?

Question asked by Mandolinrain on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by jconfusion

Thought this may be fun, diversion for the newbies to take mind OFF of smoking  


My all time favorite Actress is hands down Katherine Hepburn.....I absolutely LOVED her and still do. I especially loved her independent ways and style in all directions. And then theres the most wonderful woman I feel God ever created ~Della Reese. WOW....I wished many a times I was her daughter. That woman knew how to show love more than any single human I have ever known. Of course I cannot forget to add our very own Giulia....who has made THE MOST respectable impression on me that continues to grow on me daily....  And shamefully, I forgot to add her to this blog when I first posted it , but not forgotten.....  I gotcha here now!


My favorite Actor is a foursome, lol. Robert Redford ~ Michael Landon and Tom Selleck ~ Denzel Washington~ These guys have heart. ALL with such heartfelt compassion that resonated in them on and off screen.


Okay~ Your turn