Happy Thanksgiving

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Hi all,


I remember my first Thanksgiving as an ex. I was nervous about having some of the people add stress and allow me to lose my determination. I sat pouting before hopping in the car to travel to my dinner and I decided to listen to some music really loud.  I ended up listening to 4 non-blonds "What's Up" and sang along. I sang as loud as I could, and I realized that after just 1 week, quitting had helped me sing loud without coughing!  Well that boosted my determination and off I went to dinner. I don't remember how the day went, but I do know that I didn't smoke. Not One Puff!


That was 9 years ago.

I'm off to another T-day dinner and a little worried about how conversations will go, but not worried about being tempted to smoke. Believe me, it gets easier. It's not even something that crosses my mind ever. My sister advised me to think of T-day dinner as a sitcom episode. This should be fun!

Happy Thanksgiving all, stay strong and breathe deep!