Your Favorite Way To Use Leftover Turkey?

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      I like the dark meat when I eat my dressing (with apples and sausage), mashed potatoes, etc

      For leftovers, my favorite recipe is turkey tacos and I shred the white meat with a fork for this. (Here's what you need besides the turkey)


  • Corn Tortillas (You determine how many and add one or two extra for each person. (because you're going to love these) 
  • Your favorite head lettuce shredded (romaine or iceberg R best for shredding)
  •  Grated Cheese (I buy a Mexican blend but you can use your fav. taco cheese)
  • Shredded cooked Turkey (microwave to just beyond room temperature right before assembling tacos)
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Corn Oil


Your turkey should already be cooked, right?   

I use pre grated cheese. (you can too or you can shred your own.)


  1. Shred your lettuce about twice as coarse as coleslaw and put in a bowl and add corn oil and rice vinegar and mix it into the lettuce with your clean fingers.
  2. Fry your shells in 1/4 inch of corn oil. (I can do 3 at a time in a 12 inch pan because shortly after you place them in flat, you fold them into the taco shape to finish cooking until they are the way you like them, turning once. You take the one you put in first out first and drain them on a few layers of paper towels. (I can do 18 shells in 12-15 minutes)


When your shells are fried and drained you are ready to make the tacos

Put some shredded turkey in the bottom.

Then the oil and vinegar lettuce. (drain off the excess oik so it's not going all over the couch or carpet.)

Then add your cheese



Black Beans

1-5 cans drained depending on how many you are serving or how much leftovers desired. (Black beans don't give you gas)

1 Whole onion (more if you are making ALOT)

1 Jalapeno pepper per can of beans

Corn oil

Peel the onion and chop coarse

Seed and remove the stems on the jalapeno's

Put your oil in the pan and add the chopped onion and seeded peppers.

Cook on medium heat to soften and then add your beans and mash the mixture with a potato masher every 10 minutes making sure the beans aren't burning then lower the heat and mash until you get a creamy mixture with some lumps. Salt to taste before serving. You can put some grated cheese on top as you serve them. Delicioso