Winter is Coming!

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Each of us who suffer from COPD has their own unique combination of airway illnesses which requires specific treatment. For some it is emphysema and shortness of breath which stands out while others may have asthma/COPD combination (ACOS) and still others have frequent illness caused by every flu or pneumonia bug they come across. know your ailment! Know what sends you into an exacerbation and know what overwhelms your day. We're totally influenced by our environments be it air freshener, germs, or inclement weather. 

With winter coming on I found this article particularly relevant: 

@Which Patients With COPD Are Affected the Most by Extreme Weather? 

I live in high altitudes which many COPDers would find intolerable while the next person could not take the extreme heat of desert  areas or the extreme humidity of beachside locations. While many of us are not likely to relocate due to COPD it helps to become familiar with how your climate effects you and what you can do about it. The main thing is be aware! Knowledge is power and can make all of the difference in maximizing your quality of Life! 

That's what we're all about - smoke, pollution, air quality, all factors make another good day or another hospitalization, ER trip, and missed work. 

Live Long and Prosper!